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Psychotherapy & Sex Therapy


If you are seeking a therapist, chances are you are looking for a safe place to talk about what is important to you or to find healthy ways to deal with challenges in your life. People engage with therapy for many reasons, including: developing a deeper understanding of their identity and/or sexuality; anxiety and/or depression; changes and/or challenges in their relationships; sexual functioning issues; concerns with behavior; difficulty adjusting to life changes or traumatic experiences; and/or to improve self-esteem and coping skills. Therapy is a place dedicated to personal growth, and isn’t only able to serve people when things are hard.

I offer affirming psychotherapy and sex therapy for individuals, couples, multiple-partner relationships, poly families and welcome people of every ability, age, gender, national origin, race/ethnicity, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation. I specialize in working with adults in the kink, poly, LGBTQIA+, GNC/NB, and sex work communities as well as people who want to explore their possible connections to those identities.

Whatever the reason you are seeking therapy; whether you live openly and out, or have a more traditional, conservative or private lifestyle, you are welcome here.


Individual Therapy

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Sex Therapy