About Nikita Fernandes


“For oppressed people to intentionally cultivate pleasure is an act of resistance – Ingrid LaFleur. 

I’m a queer therapist who’s really passionate about helping clients who are looking for a safe and supportive space. Specifically, I specialize in providing culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, poly & kink-friendly, and queer-affirming therapy. What makes me really excited about my work is that I get to connect with clients who have identities that are similar to or different from my own. It’s important to me to approach therapy with a sense of curiosity and openness so that I can better understand and support my clients.

With me, therapy can be a transformative experience. I hold a secure environment for my clients to discuss challenges with their sexuality and oppression. I draw on my own first-hand knowledge of navigating kink/sex-positive environments. I support clients in building sexual self-esteem, navigating sexual liberation, and processing sexual trauma. As a therapist of color, I’m dedicated to creating a safe and validating space for clients, particularly those from communities of color. I understand the hesitancy around mental healthcare and work to build trust with each person who seeks my support. My goal is to help clients feel empowered to live their most fulfilling life.”