Specializing in LGBT/Kink/Poly/SW issues, I have extensive experience engaging with people across the spectrum of sexual orientation, gender expression, and power role identification. I provide a holistic, non-pathologizing counseling and sex therapy experience for individuals and partners that celebrates the diversity of consensual adult sexuality, identity, and relationship structures.

My background includes +15 years as a member, mentor and educator in New York City’s sex-positive and BDSM communities. An emotionally focused relational therapist in style, I use those years of lived and witnessed experiences to help my clients to embrace who they are as warmly as who they aspire to become. If we work together, we can explore how your life and general ways of behaving, thinking and relating serve you…or fail to…and what can be done about it.

Utilizing modalities and interventions that are sensitive to the lived experiences of trauma, shame, rejection, abandonment and oppression common amongst these communities is at the center of my practice and work with all my clients. What does that look like in practice?

Depending on a person’s needs, that could look like:

-Cultivating a deeper sense of self-empowerment and self-acceptance

-Actively challenging the destructive self-talk we have all been taught to do without even thinking about it

-Reclaiming our power from our bullies—internalized or otherwise 

-Actively pursuing emotionally corrective experience so that emotions like fear, doubt, and anxiety no longer always win out over hope, curiosity and courage

-Learning how to have more constructively interdependent and satisfying relationships.

I encourage anyone who is curious about working together, or is searching for a competent and affirming therapy experience to email me to schedule a free consultation to explore what working together might look like. All services are Telehealth for the foreseeable future. I can’t take on new sliding scale clients right now, but I can refer you to my colleagues with openings who share my competencies.