Uncoupled and Non-Monogamous

Join us for a 8-week support group for age 25+ unpartnered individuals navigating the non-monog dating scene. The intention of this group is to form a sense of community and provide a safe and confidential space for processing relationship concerns. This group has 8 spaces available and is inclusive of all identities including all gender, sexuality, and relationship styles. This can include relationship anarchists, solo poly, hierarchical poly and single, those just embarking on a non-monogamous journey, and more. 

This virtual, weekly group of 8 sessions is on Monday evenings from 7-8:15 pm, starting Monday, Sept 9th and running for 8 weeks. To promote commitment to the community environment, this is a closed group with participants starting and ending at the same time. Attendance for all sessions is strongly encouraged. Fee per session is $60/ session collected monthly on the 1st. Limited sliding scale spots ($45/ session) are available for queer and trans people of color. 

We understand the challenges of living in a monogamous society and the lack of resources around dating outside of those traditional norms. We want to empower our community to come together to open the door for more relationship styles to flourish. As facilitators, we provide support and structure as we go. However, our process will be collaborative as a group. We may address topics such as societal structures that marginalize non-monogamous individuals, imposter syndrome, partnered privilege, and the intersection of non-monogamy and other marginalized identities. Group members are encouraged to be active participants and bring in topics that feel relevant to them. 

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the following intake form below. Your answers will be confidential. Thank you for your interest in this community process. Looking forward to meeting you!”


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